What Drove Us To Be The Reliable And Professional Epoxy Solid Surface Company We Are today?

Hi, I’m Josh the owner of Crystal Coat Epoxy LLC.  Let me tell you how we grew to  love making your home or business more beautiful. And why we are so happy when we can create a statement piece for your room weather it be a small table top, a counter top, or a totally new floor.
It’s no secret that natural stone can bring that beauty into any space.  It is totally transformative to any room.  Like many people I started just wanting that look and left unable to do so because of the expense of such products.  So I set out to look for an alternative.  Years ago I thought I had found it.  While my wife was away I prepared our existing Formica counter tops and sponge painted them to look like granite.  Man did it look good.  The product I used boasted that the “clear coat” that went on top was “automobile” grade and would protect the counters.
My wife was so excited when she came home to see the counters but asked where I had gotten the money to install granite.  She could not believe that it was paint.  The secret was that the paint was colored by ground up natural stone.  It looked so real!  The only problem was that the promise of a protective clear coat was a lie.  Within a year the paint began to disintegrate in the highest traffic area next to our range.  
I started looking for an alternative clear coat.  I found that one option was epoxy resin.  The prospect of this was so scary.  It looked like there were several epoxy brands out there.  But so many variations and possible issues.  Fumes that come from several products made it dangerous to use.  Also the possibility that the products would be tinted yellow rather than clear.  And the air bubbles would have to be removed by a torch.  It was all scary for me.
Eventually I found a company who had been in the “alternative to natural stone” business for a while.  I was so happy to see a product that is UV resistant which prevents it from yellowing.  It is heat resistant up to 500 degrees and extremely durable!  Also it is a ZERO VOC resin.  In other words no harmful fumes to deal with!  This epoxy is amazing!  The most important thing is that it has brought beauty into my home.  My counter tops are amazing and my wife is so happy to never see any flaking paint where we prepare our food.  We love it.
I grew to love using the product and wanted to make a career out of it.  What’s better than creating beauty for people as a career?  Nothing!  I hope that I can meet with you and transform your space too.
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Our process starts with meeting our customers to answer any questions and find out exactly what look they need.  We will then move on to viewing samples and ask the customer to tell us what they like and dislike about each one.  If they are looking for something more custom we will then create sample boards with their needs in mind.  We will make it exactly as you need it to be.

“We take pride in our work and are committed to making each of our clients happy.”

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