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get the stunning look of natural stone for a fraction of the price.


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get the stunning look of natural stone for a fraction of the price.

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Welcome to Crystal Coat Epoxy

Epoxy is the newest cutting edge solid surface product on the market.  Now you can get a traditional natural stone look or a totally customized look for your countertops, bath surrounds, furniture, and floors.  Here is a list of  reasons that epoxy is better than traditionally materials.


Epoxy is the only solid surface that is renewable.  All natural and man made products pick up micro abrasions over the years which causes the surface to loose its brand new luster.  All of these can be “fixed”.  However to repair these abrasions on granite or marble it would cost almost as much as replacing the countertop with new stone.  Epoxy is the only product that can be “renewed” with minimum effort and cost.


Epoxy is more durable than any product on the market and will stand up to a beating.  It will also stand up to heat.  You can place a 500 degree pan on epoxy countertops without fear of the surface being damaged.  Doing this to quartz or Corian countertops will melt the counter and a blast of intense heat can shock granite and cause it to crack.


Quartz; a man-made solid surface is one of the most popular solid surface materials used today.  Quartz starts at $70 per square foot.

Natural stones like granite typically starts at $50 per square foot.  You could pay over $200 per square foot for marble, quartzite, or onyx.


All of these are more expensive than epoxy.  Take a look HERE to see the comparison between them all.

What Makes Us Different?

Environmentally friendly

Our epoxy is "ZERO VOC". VOC is an acronym that stands for volatile organic compounds. The Environmental Protection Agency describes them as "organic chemical compounds whose composition makes it possible for them to evaporate under normal indoor atmospheric conditions." Essentially, this means that VOCs are the invisible chemicals we smell when bringing paint products, building supplies, and even new furniture into our homes. Our epoxy is free of these chemicals and is totally safe in your home or business.

Affordable rates

Our slogan is "The beauty of natural stone for a fraction of the price". One of the primary reasons that Epoxy has become so popular is the cost. Compared to other traditional surfaces such as granite, quartz, or marble, Epoxy is much more affordable. And, most importantly while you save your pocket book you are not giving up that high end look that you will be showing off to your friends and family. Want to raise the value of your home and increase your community status without breaking the bank? Epoxy is the only way to go.

customer satisfaction

At Crystal Coat we are committed to providing you with the Epoxy surface that you will love for years to come. That is why we go to great pains to find out exactly what you want before we build your custom surface. We begin every guest interaction with an interview that will answer all of your questions and give us the information we need to create your perfect look. At your request we can create small sample boards to show you what your surface can look like with different variations for you to choose from. We want you to love your epoxy and will go to great pains to make sure you get exactly that.

What Our Clients Say

"I LOVE my Crystal Coat Epoxy counters!!! They are exactly what I wanted. Josh, with Crystal Coat, made a piano room table for me so I could play games with my students. It was exactly what I wanted! He also made an end table for me. We also had our counters and island in our kitchen done with Crystal Coat Epoxy. Cleaning them is such a breeze! They are so durable. No fading or coloring. He listened to me about what I wanted them to look like and did an excellent job giving me what I wanted! I'm glad that we went with Crystal Coat Epoxy!"
Annette Galloway
“My epoxy island top is my most prized possession! I wanted my kitchen to have a tropical flair, and Josh made it happen. I have had it for a couple of years, and have absolutely ZERO regrets. The colors are gorgeous! It represents the movement in a mixture of both a calm and a stormy ocean. The eye goes right to it when entering the house, and has wowed more people than I can count! Josh was amazing to work with, including me in all the decisions. Very talented man. I would recommend him in an instant!.”
Catherine Brannon
OMG! That is exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much!
Francis Mathis
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